Localization functionality

Hi Core guys.

As I saw in code there is a localization functionality in the Engine via activiti extensions in BPMN.
First thing: there is no any mention about it in docs. Sad :slight_smile:
Second: I think it is too hard to view, modify and mantain it in consistent state. If some day we (as organization) want to extend localizations and add one Lang more… we have to search all extensions for all elements and add localization.
It is not humane :slight_smile:
For this reason I suppose I want to be able place in the deployment additional *.properties resources. This resources may be used to translate all form properties names, task/process titles, and used in expressions like “${labels.usertasks.request-task-name}”.
In this way is easy to copy one property file and replace translations.
What do you think?



That sounds like a nice idea and easier to get an overview for sure. However do note that it does mean that new translations are tightly coupled to the deployment. So if you want to change something or simple fix a typo, it means a redeployment.

Joram, thanks for reply!

Yes, it is clean: if I want to change something, it needs to be a redeployed, of course.

And technicaly everyone can add custom functionality to own UI (if needs) to update/delete/add new *.properties resources for the deploymentId using ResourceEntityManager. Because (I suppose) it is not really critical to change theese resources in deployment even while the processes are actualy executed at the moment. Is that right?

yes, however that would mean these resources can’t be cached. Or they can be cached with a timeout, as fetching these every time would be expensive.