Kubernetes (k3s) on my dev laptop. Which URL to use?

I am using the helm package for flowable (seems to be working very nicely):

I am running on k3s on my laptop, but I don’t know which URL to use to access the applications. Do I need to setup a service?
I have tried setting “flowable.host.external” to “localhost”, but I don’t think that is the correct thing to do. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you for your help…

I see I have an ingress called “kb-flowable-ingress”… so I tried http://kb-flowable.localhost.nip.io/flowable-rest/


the value of flowable.host.external should be the hostname or ip on which the Ingress controller is reachable on.
On your local machine this could surely be localhost.

You can get more info on this by running this command;

kubectl get ing -n <namespace>



Thank you for your help Yvo :smile:
I will try it and see. I still have lots to learn about Kubernetes.

As an update… I did manage to get Flowable working with Kubernetes (k3d).
I created some notes here:
I can access the REST API, but I still have an O/S issue, where I can’t manage to create a separate ingress for the modeller. I will run them separately for now.