Issue Process Definition From Rest

We have deployed around 15 process definitions on the flowable engine, In Flowable admin, I can see all the deployed definitions, but when I tried to fetch process definitions using rest ‘flowable-rest/service/repository/process-definitions’, I’m getting only 5 Process Definitions.
Please help how the rest API fetch the process definitions

  1. Please refer the attachment(FlowableEngine.png) for process Engine where we can see all the Process Definitions

2.example rest api result

“data”: [
“id”: “NBBillingProcess:2:cd365046-acef-11e8-8efb-4a4520440106”,
“url”: “http://hostname:port/flowable-rest/service/repository/process-definitions/NBBillingProcess:2:cd365046-acef-11e8-8efb-4a4520440106”,
“key”: “NBBillingProcess”,
“version”: 2,
“name”: “Billing Process”,
“description”: null,
“tenantId”: “”,
“deploymentId”: “c783e0bd-acef-11e8-8efb-4a4520440106”,
“category”: “”,
“graphicalNotationDefined”: true,
“suspended”: false,
“startFormDefined”: false