Is it possible to customize deployment file?

The question is a bit strange maybe, but the fact is that, for simplification reason in my program, I was wondering if I can edit the deployment file by setting additional field in a way that they will not prevent flowable from a successful run of an instance.
I mean, if I can add a custom field to my deployment file so that it can be ignored when I create a process instance, but in the meantime I can get it whenever I need. Can I do something like this? Are there methods? Or are the file to be absolutely not editable?


from my point of view suspend/activate process definition could solve your problem.


Hi, thank you for your answer, but I don’t get how to use that functionality to achieve what I want to do.
Also, I’ve tried using repositoryService.setDeploymentCategory(deployment.getId(), "My functionality name"); to change category and add my custom text to use an existent field for my aim, but it didn’t change. Any clue?