Flowable UI war file deployment with Custom Project(version - 6.6.0)

I am creating custom project that include custom execution listeners to use it process tasks. I am including this jar file in flowable-ui.war manually and deploying to PCF.

My Question - In future if we make any changes to custom execution listeners, again do we need to add latest custom project jar file to flowable-ui.war then deploy to PCF.

Any possibility of avoiding deployment of flowable-ui.war again and again incase of changes in custom project ?


I do not know the specifics for PCF; but it should be possible to customise the classpath of your PCF instance.
Having the custom execution listener classes available on the (external) classpath could be a way to avoid redeployment.



@joram is there any alternative solution for my approach other than Yvo suggested ?

Hey @balajisundarajan8,

There really is no need to tag someone else when a member of our team already provided you with an answer.

I would say that the answer from Yvo is your best approach in case you like fiddling with it. In any case most likely you’ll need to restart the application for the new jars to be made available to the java application.