How to add EventHandler


I have not been able to found a way to put a EventHandler in order to been notified of events.
This are the two steps I have done:

 1- Building a jar file with my custom EvenHandler and in putting into 
    --> Tomcat/lib folder
 2- Put a flowable.cfg.xml file in 
     --> WEB-INF/classes/META-INF 
    (also try WEB-ING/classes and tomcat/lib)

We are running Flowable in a Tomcat environment from war files.
By the logs I see that flowable.cfg.xlm it is not taking into account.

Maybe I have to build a custom flowable-task.war with the Event-Handler, only idea I have left.

We are stuck at that point, that is an important one to be able to follow with the flowable integration.

My flowable.cfg.xml:

< bean id=“processEngineConfiguration” class=“org.flowable.engine.impl.cfg.StandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration”>
< property name=“eventListeners”>
< list>
< bean class=“com.package.flowable.EventListener” />
< /list>
< /property>
< /bean>
< /beans>

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In code you can do something like

.addEventListener(new CustomEventListener(),


Hi Harsha,

Thanks for you reply, :wink:

Yes, I undersand you solution, but I don’t see how to register and EventListener inside Fowable-task Tomcat module, in a way that if a task is assigned to a user in Flowable-ui-Task App the Event is called, for example…

The question is if there is a Tomcat Flowable-Task app running, who can attach an EventListener to them. Or putting in a Jar the Snipped you share will work.



Hi Toni,

Correct, the Process engine instantiation is done in the FlowableEngineConfiguration class in the flowable-ui-task-conf module. You can override this class to add your custom process engine configuration. We could also add an hook point to allow developers to add stuff to the default process engine configuration by implementing an interface. But the easiest approach for now is to create a custom version of the flowable-ui-task-conf module / JAR.

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Hi Tijs,

Thanks for the help !
I have managed to run my Custom EventListener inside for the ui-task building the custom jar.