Integration with AngularJs


I would like to integrate Flowable in an AngularJS Application.

So may i get some references for this, or steps for integrating it into Angular ?

Thanks in advance.

May be,

this will help you,


Hi Imran,

I guess it’s not completely clear what you’ve got or want to do. You can just switch Activiti 5 for Flowable 5, so if you already have something working with Activiti, you’re pretty much done. There is a bit more to change to use Flowable 6, but mostly package renaming and some small API changes - going from Activiti 5 to Flowable 6 is the same work as going Flowable 5 to Flowable 6 (see the Migration Guide. You can do it against an existing system, the DB schema is effectively the same etc.

As part of Flowable 6, we already have a set AngularJS apps. Depending on what you want to do, you could modify them to your needs, or look at them as examples of how to build Angular apps on Flowable.


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Thanks for the reply.

I do not yet have something with Activiti. But i just want to integrate my Angular App with Flowable directly.

So my questions are,

Is it possible to integrate an Angular App with Flowable 6 directly /
And since you said you have already set AngularJS Apps as part of flowable 6, Can you please point me to the code ?

Thanks in Advance.

You can use the flowable-rest.war to have all the Flowable components available behind the REST API.


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Thank you.

One more doubt i have. Is REST task already added to flowable.

My current application is in .net. So i would like to create a rest task , and call Rest API from .net using some wrapper.

I am not sure something of this sort exists already. But here they say its included,

Yes, the rest task is in the palette of the modeler.