How to consume Flowable APIs in Angular?

Hi guys,
I’m still new with Flowable I’m a bit lost and I can’t understand how to implement my process already created in Flowable platform in Angular and how to consume web APIs generated by Flowable.
The tuto I’m trying to follow is : But there are too many things that are not clear for me in this tuto and are not well detailed.
If someone among you can propose me another tuto or can explain me how to link Flowable interface with Angular, how to consume web API and read the forms, it would be nice from him.
Thanks in advance. :sweat_smile:

Calling and consuming Flowable REST API’s in Angular is no different from consuming any REST API in Angular.
You will use the HttpClient to call the REST API, you will subscribe to wait for the results and then you will parse the results so they can be rendered in your html page.

I suggest you check out some generic REST API tutorials (there are many) to get your feet wet.

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: