Incorrect time in ACT_RU_TIMER_JOB

Hi guys,

I have a problem with Boundary Timer Event. I schedule some action, for instance, in 2 minutes (R1/P2M). My current Time Zone is Europe/Moscow (+3:00). And firstly in ACT_RU_TIMER_JOB I see date and time in UTC:
|2020-01-09 09:09:54|R1/2020-01-09T12:07:54.821+03:00/PT2M |2020-01-09 09:07:54
And Flowable doesn’t wait these 2 minutes and runs additional logic right away.
But then it reschedule this job with correct date and time:
|2020-01-09 12:09:54|NULL |2020-01-09 12:07:55

Could you help me find the reason of this behavior please?

Can you describe your environment a bit more? How many flowable instances, where the are running, whaat database you are using, the database connection string, etc?

I have found the reason - it was my fault. I use flowable integrated in our application. And I had running flowable web apps like flowable-task and flowable-rest which have running async executor. And these executors were inserting dates in UTC.

Thank you for your time