Remove Timer Job from ACT_RU_TIMER_JOB

I have aprocess at a timer job , executing its stopwatch , scheduled 15 mins from now.

Now suppose , from an external api , i trigger


What I observe is Process moves forward, to the next activity /action . But there is still an entry in ACT_RU_TIMER_JOB . Also event if process is stuck at some other wait state activity. The timmer still triggers itself , in the future.

How do I stop that.
I am expecting as the process has move forward to other activiy , so timer should vanish too.

Please help


I cannot fully follow your use case. Can you share your process model?

If you try to use the Triggerable service task please follow the documentation here:

With runtimeService.triggerAsync(executionId) you can’t trigger a process which is in a timer wait state. You have to use a service task with flowable:triggerable="true".


In my process I want a delay between my current activity and next http activity.The delay is intended.
For now I am using a Intermediate timer catch event (with R3/PT30M), which delays the thing by 30 minutes.

Suppose I receive an external system request to not wait for 30 minutes and execute the process right away.
Is it possible using Intermediate timer catch task.
If not , Can i have delay mechanism with service task, such that it is triggerable anytime as well from runtimeService APIs.


If you want to cancel a timer -> use timer boundary event. Boundary event is canceled when process moves forward.