How to use MySQL in docker enviroment?

I want to use MySQL,but it still cause error about couldn’t load driver class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
How can I upload mysql driver to docker container?

Because of license constraints we can’t distribute docker images with the MySQL connectors included.
There are 2 options here;

  1. configure the existing runtime properties of the images
    this would f.e. include changing the JDBC connection string. But also modifying the classpath of the executable WAR by changing the Docker RUN command (for adding the connector.jar).

  2. build your own version of the needed image(s)

For now I would go for option 2.
Take a look at the /docker folder for scripts to build the Docker images plus example Docker Compose configurations.
Also look at the related pom.xml files and especially the ‘docker’ profile section.

We will try to make things easier regarding this aspect in coming releases. But like I mentioned before. We can’t distribute them. But we can try to make it easier to configure it.