Deploying flowable all in one with custom database connectivity


I am trying to deploy flowable all in one docker image in our cloud environment. But to connect to the database we are not using regular username and password, Instead we are using Azure Managed Identity to generate JWT token in the runtime and use that as a password to connect to database. To do so I had to write seperate java code to generate the token and use that as a password to connect to flowable database. Now can you please help me how to create a docker image from the docker all in one image which uses my custom db configuration and custom java code to connect to the database.

FYI, I have posted same question under flowable application category and as I didn’t receive any response there, so I am posting here.


Hi @srikanth.gandrakota

First; any reason why you are still using the ‘all-in-one image’?
This was last updated 4 years ago. Look here for more recent images.

If you want to add custom logic to the Docker image you have several options;

  1. Create a new Docker image extending from the existing one and adding the custom code (jar) and required drivers to the class path (for example in; /app/WEB-INF/lib) in the image. So that it’s available to the runtime.
  2. Build a complete new custom Docker image for the required application using the Maven profile docker. This will create a local image which you can tag and push to your registry if needed.