How to pass username and password as the Flowable URL parameters

Hi, I need to take the user directly to the process page or any other pages without showing the Login page. To achieve this, how to pass username and password as the Flowable URL parameters?
I am trying something as mentioned below:
Can someone let me know how can this be achieved?

On further searching about this, I found the below link, which says that embedded credentials in the requests is blocked -
As mentioned in the link for JIRA: I am looking for a similar approach like - “”.
Appreciate your suggestions.

I have the same issue. If you have resolved, you would comment the solution. Thanks

To our understanding, the flowable spring framework (security framework) is stopping us to pass credentials in the URL.

This is not possible: the UI and rest operations that the UI needs don’t work over basic auth, they have cookie authentication. Passing the user credentials also not a good idea wrt security as urls are not encrypted even over https.