Update header of a web service request to add username token in a bpmn process flowable

I am new to flowable and trying to replace our existing Bpel process with BPMN. Basically all I am trying to achieve is to invoke some web services that are ssl/ws-secured, via service tasks in a bpmn process, without using java delegates. However, I am not able to figure out how can I add security header with a username token to my web service call. I am aware that it can be done inside java delegates. But my requirement is to do this via using BPMN xml only. Is it even doable without using java delegates? If yes, then can someone show me a sample. I am stuck at this issues since days and have exhausted all resources I could find with no success. Any response is appreciated, please.


I don’t think that WSS is built into Flowable. You might take a look at the source and tests for the flowable-cxf module. I think there will be some code involved, either through a delegate or an extension of Flowable’s existing capabilities.

Thanks William,
After reading your response I went through flowable-cxf module and realized that I can achieve only to a certain level with plain xml implementation. I’ll have to update the flowable-cxf library on my end to implement what I have in mind.
Your response was really helpful. Now I wish I had come to the forum sooner instead of going round and round around the application and internet. That would save me a decent amount of time.