How to login to UI-Modeler from external web app

I understand that the UI-modeler app must have the UI-IDM app deployed together as the IDM is act as the ‘single sign-on’ app for all UI apps.

My question is, we have an existing web-app, we need to introduce a new function where the user can access the UI-modeler within this web-app, and we dont want to be prompt to the UI-IDM common login page.

Was looking for an REST API to perform the login from our web app, but does not seems to have any.
Can please advise what is the best way to achieve it?

Custom_WebApp => Login ??=> User access to UI_modeler


If you have a look at the SecurityConfiguration class in the flowable-ui-modeler-conf module you can see that a FlowableCookieFilter is added. This checks the Flowable cookie and redirects to the Flowable IDM app when there’s no valid cookie present. You could change this filter configuration.

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Hi Tijs,

Is that means we have to customize this SecurityConfiguration source code and build our own version of WAR ?
Any way to configure it thru file and class extension of it ?

The configuration is here : you can add a custom bean to the classpath with the same id/name that overrides the default one.

OK, thanks a lot. Will try look into more details from here. :wink:

Hi @meefong did you try this ? If yes can you please guide me to disable the security configuration or to get cookie via rest call instead of redirecting to idm url?

Hi all,

I’m trying to do something similar: I have the modeler web app running in a server through tomcat.
I would like to access it through this address:

What I have to do now is:

  • access the tomcat manager
  • access the idm app and log in
  • go back to the manager
  • access the modeler app.

This steps are required only the first time, but still I would like to avoid them.

How can I achieve it?