Authentication from another app


I’m trying to create a flowable app and use the same authentication used in flowable. My application is in another WAR file. How can I connect them in order to use the same login page and users that I use in flowable? How can I use the flowable authentication from an external application?



In our UI apps we’re using Spring Security and the Flowable IDM component.

For some inspiration start by taking a look at;





thank you for answering my question.

The problem is that I still can’t figure out where I should add the URLs that I want to protect from unauthenticated users. Should I edit the Flowable files?


You mean the resources in your own application?

Can you explain a bit more what you’re trying to accomplish?
Do you (just) want to include the Flowable engine(s) in your own web app? Do you want to expose the Flowable REST APIs in your app?
Or do you want to communicate to the Flowable REST APIs via the Flowable REST or Flowable TASK UI apps from your webapp?

I already can use the Flowable REST API from my app. I created my own UI and I am using it with the flowable task but I can access my own app without authentication. And I want to access my app only with authentication, so how can I accomplish this?

In that case you can do it in the way it was done for example in the Flowable TASK UI app.
Like I mentioned in my first reply. But if these are resources in your own app you should create and adapt the security configuration in your own app.
The first class linked there (SecurityConfiguration) contains the security mappings for resources.
But this is plain Spring Security. Their docs provide more detailled info on this subject.