How to integrate Flowable in a Spring webFlux project

Does anyone know if it is possible to use Flowable in a Spring webFlux project? We have investigated a lot but no examples are available or we have not found it.
Thank you in advance for any feedback, suggestions, and examples.

No, as webflux is the reactive implementation of the REST layer of Spring, we haven’t. it would mean we’d have to change all endpoints and make the jdbc driver fully reactive. Secondly, Flowable uses a few ThreadLocals behind the scene, which doesn’t make this a trivial change.

In addition to what joram pointed out, you could try / think of an integration using the Flowable REST APIs. This way you keep the concerns separated, your app remains reactive, by using the reactive WebClient to interact with Flowable.

Ok @joram I understend. Thank you to make it 100% clear to me. Bye!

Yes @arthware definitively we will create an independent Microservice with Flowable using Spring MVC and interact with it using REST APIs.
Thank you!