How to call a Flowable process without process definationId


Have created a Flowable process, which is invoked using a REST call like : -

“processDefinitionId”: “myProcess:5:187520”,
“returnVariables”: true,
“variables”: [{
“name”: “mysqlUser”,
“value”: “hdpsupl2”

When ever I make any change to the process and deploy it as part of an App, the process definition version gets modified. And I have to let the consumer of the process know, about the changes (i.e new process definition Id). Is there a way, to call the process, so that the changes to it don’t affect the consumer of it i.e. can I call the process with some other way like with “processName” and it then calls the latest version of the process. If this thing is possible, then I don’t have to worry about sharing the modified details with the consumers of my-process.


Hi Vinay,

Yes, you can use the processDefinitionKey instead.

Best regards,


Thanks @tijs . It works :+1: