Calling Process Asynchronously


I have created few Flowable processes, which are triggered by a REST call . The issue with it is that consumer has to wait for the call to complete before a response is sent back . I want to make the call Asynchronously i.e. Flowable should send the response even before all the steps are done . I agree, that this response full have all the information e.g. “Status” attribute value , but at-least it should have the process- Instance-Id (id). Is there any key which I need to pass in the input to make it work like that ? Currently my request looks like this : -

       {    "processDefinitionKey": "myProcessKey",
           "returnVariables": true,
           "variables": [{
                          "name": "ucEnvClusterReqId",
                          "value": "79"	


If you make the first step (not the start event, but the next) of the process definition async, you’ll get the behaviour you want.

Thanks @joram.

Is there a way to make a parameterized i.e. based on a input ( if the caller wants it to be Synch/Asynch ) ?