Start process instance REST call issue

Hello All,

I have a process definition with two service tasks. Is there a way except making the tasks as async, so that I can start the process instance using REST Call and the REST call does not wait until the process completes?


Hey @pahujadeepanshu,

This is currently not exposed in the REST API. Are you interested in providing a PR that would add a query parameter startAsync to start a process instance async via rest.



Yes, if it is supported it can help various cases like forking a process on a signal or call.
We may have system process that takes a long time to complete.

Do you think it will be wise to start the process in async and then continue to wait through some checks on process completion.

I am not sure what do I need to provide for PR.

If there is a community where I can help with development, I will be glad to start learning and contributing.


If you’re doing the checks anyway, starting async loses a bit its value. Of course, this depends on your use case. It could very well be a dashboard of some sorts where polling for completion makes sense.

Absolutely :slight_smile: All code is on Github: you fork the repo to your personal repo and then create PR’s from there which will end up here:

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