HTTP Task posting to api, what ID to use for callback

I’m creating a flow where an external Inquiry app is used,
I have created the flow to POST a json to the app,
the app needs to have some ID to POST the answer at a later stage,

preferable I would include the ID or URL in the initial post, but I can’t find the actual variable I should include.

I start the flow with a http POST to flowable, and IT returns the id’s and url, but I just can’t figure out how to access those in the “http task” …

  'email': ${vervoerderemail}, 
  'reference': ${mitozreference},
  'pickupdate': ${pickupdate},
  'pickuptime': ${pickuptime},
  'info': ${shipmentinfo}

Hey @mirrorspock,

When you are within a Process instance you have access to the process instance by using the processInstance keyword. That gives you the entire DelegateExecution that has the process instance. e.g. will give you the id of the current process instance.