How to build Flowable from source

A tutorial style post about building Flowable (‘build from source’) and creating a Docker image.

I was able to build Flowable 6.4.1 from source by cloning the official repo on GitHub and then making a git checkout tags/6.4.1.
From here, I could use the script inside docker/all-in-one directory to build the all-in-one image.
I had only to change the last line of the script to correctly tag the image to the version 6.4.1 instead of 6.4.0, and then create myself the directory called assets.

I was not able to complete the build by following the post that you are referring to because of wrong names in the paths and download links. If you want to try to build the last version (6.5.0-SNAPSHOT), instead of making a checkout of the tag 6.4.1, you can start from changing the Tomcat version in the Dockerfile and see what happens.
I hope this was helpful.