How parse serialized variables from javascript

I’m using REST API to integrate engine with my web application (nodejs) but when get serialized variable in octect-stream format I can’t deserialize in javascript. Has anyone solved this problem ?

thanks a lot

Ideally you don’t have these serialised variables, but store them using primitives. What’s the use case you’re trying to solve?

To answer your question: you can have a custom REST serialization for those variables using a RestResponseFactory. See (have to scroll down scroll down a bit to ‘It’s possible to support additional variable-types…’)

I need an api entry point to return json complex variables to consum from javascript app. Flowable return binary variables in the hist API REST and I can’t comsum it from javascript


As Joram says, you can store primitive variables, or create a RestResponseFactory. Can you give a bit more background to your process, what the data is and where is comes from?