Getting the values of serialized variables to show in the admin page

I have a juel scriptTask that I need to change serialized variables into a string so I can display their values in my flowable admin page. I am unsure how to do this.

Hi pfranks,
what is inside your serialized variable? Is it a java object? How would you do it in Java? The groovy code which you can use in a script task is most of the time similar.

Here you can find different ways to use a script task:


Hi valentin,

It is a java object. I am not sure how this would be done in java either as I am pretty new to all of this. Any recommendations on that front?


2019-08-27 15:41:23,487 – o.f.j.s.i.a.DefaultAsyncRunnableExecutionExceptionHandler - Job 0fba1213-c8e1-11e9-90c8-52a344ffdb1f failed

org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableException: Can’t find scripting engine for ‘groovy’

at org.flowable.common.engine.impl.scripting.ScriptingEngines.getEngineByName(

at org.flowable.common.engine.impl.scripting.ScriptingEngines.evaluate(

at org.flowable.common.engine.impl.scripting.ScriptingEngines.evaluate(

at org.flowable.engine.impl.bpmn.behavior.ScriptTaskActivityBehavior.execute(

at org.flowable.engine.impl.agenda.ContinueProcessOperation.executeActivityBehavior(

Flowable-Admin does not include Groovy. You have to add the groovy-jsr223 and groovy modules to the classpath (e.g. add groovy-2.5.8.jar and groovy-jsr223-2.5.8.jar).