Flowable-Admin - problem with Variables


I tried the new version Flowable (6.1.1) and found that Flowable-Admin UI app has a problem with Variables show. When I set custom Object with settings(strings…) as variable and I start the proces, then in Flowable-Admin UI app I do not see the variables (attached screen). Would you please look at it.

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I’ve tested it with an object variable, and it’s shown in the overview (although the value is shown as binary as it doesn’t know how to display it):

What kind of variable are you using? How are you setting it? Any stacktrace?

Hi Joram,

I used only a string variable in my object. Variables are not showing becouse I’m having a problem with “deserialize object in variable”.

Link to my test project:

I have no idea.
I’m grateful for every advice.

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Hi Joram,

It already works. I’m sorry, my fault. I forgot to add jar file with my source code to Tomcat’s lib folder.

I have a question about adding custom mechanism for serializing. What should I do when I want the FlowableUI app knows my own serialization?

Thanks for your advice.

Depends on what you want to serialize? What kind of object? Is it needed to serialize it or is storing an identifier(and do a lookup) enough?

For the rest api, you can have custom serializers, see http://www.flowable.org/docs/userguide/index.html#_request_parameters :

It’s possible to support additional variable-types with a custom JSON representation (either simple value or complex/nested JSON object). By extending the initializeVariableConverters() method on org.flowable.rest.service.api.RestResponseFactory, you can add additional org.flowable.rest.service.api.engine.variable.RestVariableConverter classes to support converting your POJO’s to a format suitable for transferring through REST and converting the REST-value back to your POJO. The actual transformation to JSON is done by Jackson.

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Hi @joram ,

Could you please guide me on a clean way to extend the initializeVariableConverters method on RestResponseFactory.
I was trying to produce a custom RestResponseFactory bean in my Spring Boot 2 application which depends on flowable-spring-boot-starter-process-rest maven artifact.
However it looks not easy as this component is produced by the ProcessEngineRestConfiguration class which is used/registered with the help of the BaseRestApiConfiguration#registerServlet method.


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