How can i get ProcessInstance Highlights

i saw ProcessDiagramGenerator have many api to draw a progress diagram,but none of them have been used with the arg highLightedFlows.
could any one tell me how i can get ProcessInstance Highlights?
thanks too much!

Anybody can help me? SOS

Hi, wentao.
You can look how to gather completed flows at RuntimeDisplayJsonClientResource#gatherCompletedFlows to pass them into ProcessDiagramGenerator.

gatherCompletedFlows method does not gather flows for SubProcesses because of pojoModel.getMainProcess().getFlowElements() has no flow elements for any embedded sub processes.

thanks for you help.but i can’t find RuntimeDisplayJsonClientResource class,could you tell me which jar it’s in.or what’s RuntimeDisplayJsonClientResource’s qualified name.

It is flowable-ui-task-rest:

i see.thanks in advance for your help @dmitryfar

This is custom helper to allow anyone gather historic flow information: