How can I get the highLightedFlowIds parameter?

How can I get the highLightedFlowIds parameter when I call the method as follows.

new DefaultProcessDiagramGenerator().generateDiagram(bpmnModel, "png", highLightedActivityIds,
                highLightedFlowIds, processEngine.getProcessEngineConfiguration().getActivityFontName(),
                "", null, 1.0);

I want to highlight all flows and activities that have been executed on the diagram.


use History service to get nodes/flow Ids from the BpmnModel.
Similar functionality can be found here:

Crystalball is part of the flowable project too.


Sorry, I can’t find any information in that article about “how to get highLightedFlowIds?”.It only mentions highlightedActivities.
I want to highlight all flow lines that have been executed on the diagram,but I don’t know how to get them.

Highlighted flow ids are similar to node ids. Fetch them from the model.


Can you provide some code examples?I know flow ids can be fetched from the model,but how can I fetch the flow ids that have been executed ?
I don’t think the model will record the flow that has been executed,
I guess flow ids that have bean executed could be fetched from historical records, but I didn’t find a way to do it.

The flows are indeed not stored in history … you’d have to get the historic activities and then see in what order they’ve been visited to deduce the flows that have been taken to get these ids.

The flows can be stored in the event log.
Another possibility is that two nodes are connected with only one flow. It means when we have two following nodes from the history we can find flow between them in the model through source and target reference.


I see,thanks for your reply.

I see,thanks for your reminding.