Generating Diagram for completed processInstance

Hello There,

I am able to create a diagram for a processInstance which is in progress using the below End point.

[GET] http://localhost:8080/flowable-rest/service/runtime/process-instances/{processInstanceId}/diagram

However, I am unable to generate diagram for completed processInstance using the same End point.
I get the below error.

Could not find a process instance with id

Any suggestion will be helpful.


currently the various */diagram resources are for running (case and process) instances. Not completed.
In Flowable UI there are several parts where the current state of process or case is rendered in an interactive diagram. Both running and completed. These are rendered client side based on JSON retrieved from an endpoint that is not part the public API.

Perhaps the code can inspire you how to do it.

Hope this helps.


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Hello @yvo

Thanks for the pointers. We will explore further.
Just curious to know if there are any plans to add this in public api in upcoming releases.