How an I see information about running processes?

I have a Flowable process that is running but it i snot shown in any interface. Information about process is shown only when process completes. It would be very useful to display information about running processes. In fact , there is a tab „running“ under „PROCESS STATE“ but when selected it dos not show running processes. Could that be changed/fixed? Please advise.


I’m not sure what is happening and why you don’t see the running process instance. In the Flowable Task application you should see the running process instances. In addition you can also use the Flowable Admin application to see the running process instances (and completed if needed).

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Correct me if I am wrong, but as I have seen it in Flowable the processes are only really inspectable once they are in some “sleep” state e.g. by waiting on a user task or as the author states when the process is completed?

As answered here (Flowable Process Stop & Start) the runtime tables are not updated for running processes.


It depends on what you mean with a running process instance. When you have a number of automatic service tasks (no asynchronous ones), after each other, the process instance will complete synchronously after you started it. So you will only be able to retrieve information from the history tables. But if the process definition does have user tasks, receive tasks, intermediate catch events, or async service tasks, the state of the running process instance is store in the runtime tables when a “wait state” is reached by the process instance.

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@tijs Continuation on the query of the question.
If the process definition has certain users task and the tasks are not yet completed for a certain processInstances. Will such process instances be visible on flowable admin UI and in show process diagram, pending tasks would be highlighted?

Also, will this hold true(visibility of process instances with pending tasks) if async history is enabled?
I am facing this issue, whenever I enable the async history, even though I have few pending tasks, Such process instances are not visible on the admin UI.

The diagram only shows

  • Current active steps
  • Completed steps

So it depends on what you mean with ‘pending’?

If you’re using async history, it could be that the completed steps are still being processed and are not yet visualized.

@joram for Pending I meant current active step. However it is not visible in admin UI, when async history is enabled. While debugging, I noticed that the API flowable-admin/app/rest/admin/process-definitions/{definitionId}/process-instances is called gets the data from history tables which wont have any data, when async history is enabled hence it is not shown by the UI.

Can you please validate my understanding.

If you’re using async history, the history data will be processed asynchronously. The data will end up in the historic tables, eventually. So are you sure it’s not a matter of timing?

@joram In my case, I am propagating the history data to a different datastore, so it will never come to history table. So it is not a matter of timing.

Actually, broader question is : If admin UI is showing only the active/in-progress process instances, should it depend on history data? as runtime data will be available in the tables and can the view be powered from this data?