Unnable to see running process instances in admin ui

My flow consists of simple javaService tasks.I dont see my running process instances in flowable admin ui.
I can see only completed process instances.

While trying out few things, in the end I just tried adding user task, then I could see my running process instance, and it was waiting on user task.

So the question is , if my flow consists of just java services tasks, wont I be able too see my running process instance and its variables?


the processes without wait state (e.g. user task) are completed in one transaction (https://www.flowable.org/docs/userguide/index.html#bpmnConcurrencyAndTransactions). The process instance is completed before the commit. So you do not see the changes from the outside.

So the simple answer is: yes.


Thanks Martin.

So in our case, we just have java service tasks which are executed synchronously one after another.
All these things take 1-2 hours to finish.So during this time I would like to see how my process is progressing in admin ui.

So I understand if I was to see the current process progress I need to add some dummy wait states at few points in my flow.Was would be best way to achieve this?


when the process execution takes +/- 30 mins without commit you will get transaction timeout exception.
I would say that the best way is to make some steps asynchronous. Async execution creates wait state too. Async executor tries to execute job 3 times by default. (It can be changed by config).


Thanks Martin for quick help.

Hi Martin,

We dont need to run async job multiple times for both timeouts and exception conditions.(I am assuming async jobs are retied only in 2 cases, when lock timeout exceeds or uncaught exception happens)
Basically we want retries=0 for all scenarios

How can we do that?