Help with a exception starting the app

Hi, recently I made a fork of the project, I created a local project with the wizard for import the project from github to eclipse.

I do the clean install of the projects, I add the UI APP projects to the modules to be deployed in tomcat and Im getting the next exception:

Class not found exception:

The strange thing Its that this only happend In my house PC.

Any suggestions.


There are a lot of possible reasons why running the modules from within Eclipse isn’t working.
Try and run the app(s) with the start scripts located in the ‘scripts’ folder first to see if the code / configuration is correct.



Hi @yvo I compiled the project one by one because Im working on a Windows enviroment.

So I cant construct the project wit the script

Are there any other way to construct all the projects?



Did you take a look what’s inside the
Let me show you :wink:

mvn -Pdistro clean install -DskipTests

Hope this helps.


Thanks very much @yvo that was a very useful.

I didnt, take a look before asking.

But Maybe your answer put some light on other dummy mind like mine.