Handling Workflow Resumption After Flowable Server Failure

Hi Flowable Community,

I am currently working on a workflow using Flowable, and I’ve encountered an issue related to server failure and workflow resumption.


  • A workflow starts and progresses normally.
  • During the execution, the Flowable server fails unexpectedly due to some reason.
  • I restart the Flowable server.

Question: After restarting the Flowable server, does the Flowable engine automatically resume the workflow from where it stopped? If not, what is the recommended approach to handle such scenarios to ensure the workflow can continue from the point of interruption?

Thank you for your assistance!

Hey @imdharmpatel,

Flowable is using a database to handle the states it goes to. If something happens (the server goes down) before a transaction is committed then Flowable will resume from the last wait state. Where in the workflow this is depends on how the workflow is modeled.

A wait state can be a receive task, user task, an async service task etc.