Group business processes together


I am new to Flowable, and wanted to find a way to club business processes into different groups. The intention is to show the processes belonging to a group together during runtime.

For example - we will want to club together all business processes built for our HR team under one group, so that our HR team only sees processes meant for them.

What would be the best way to to this? Should we be using “target namespace” or maybe configuring processes under different “tenants”?

I also found this answer - Support for process definition development version - #5 by mmaker1234 - which suggests creating an XML extension. However, at this point, we would not like to make changes to the code and work with whatever is available OOTB.

Looking for the community/dev team’s opinion on the best way to handle this.

Thanks for your time!


The way I do it is, I prefix the process/form/app definitions with specific group abbreviation. For example, “[HR] Submit review document”, or “[HR] Send notifications”, or “[PR] Publish a document”, etc. Then, in your code/methods, you can filter them out according to the prefixed abbreviation and display them accordingly.

Served fine so far.

Thanks! Is there a way to use an existing property, without having to rely on the names?

“Target namespace” is then the only one that comes into mind, as far as I know.

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Thanks a lot, this helps.