Customizing process definition

Due to the business of my company, there is 2 types of process definition, it is not supported by flowable engine, so I need to have a new column for persisting the type of my process in ACT_RE_PROCDEF. can i do such a customization? also, after having this column I should override some methods as well to save and retrieve type.

I will be grateful if you help me with this matter.

could you please answer my question?

I’m not sure I understand your question (which is most likely why it hasn’t been answered yet): what does it mean to have two ‘types’? What makes these types different? And what’s the impact on execution?

A process definition has a ‘category’ attribute for this purpose. Why isn’t it sufficient for your use case?

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You understood me so well Joram, I had found the category before but I was not sure about using it. I thought may be flowable engine use the field itself and if I filled it with my value, it would have side effects. But when you suggest it I am sure I can fill it with my value without being worried.

Thank you.

To add some more info to what @joram said. The category of the ProcessDefinition is set based on the targetNamespace in the BPMN XML. Which means that you can automatically set it when the process is deployed, no need to use the Java API for it.


thank you filiphr.
Just to make sure do you think if I set category myself, will it have side effect?

Yes you can. I only mentioned the targetNamespace so you know that it can be set in the XML as well.

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