Get Pending Approvals from Users perspective

Hey, I am new to Flowable, have simple query mentioned down below in a example.

Given Example,

If a users applies for holidays to his manager. Now manager has the some task at his bucket to either approve or reject.

I am able to get the pending approval task from managers perpective as they are assigned to manager.

But I want from users perspective what task I have generated for his manager to approve.

How can I get this using TaskQuery/Java Code??

Thanks in advance

Well, I got the solution using,

for this I have added the owner attribute as the employee who is requesting to the holiday, while I am assinging the approval to the manager.


If anyone has better solution, I am more than welcome if you share here :slight_smile:

Hey @Ashutosh,

This is the correct solution.

I would add one note though. You shouldn’t use a variable called owner-name, there shouldn’t be a dash in the variable name, because JUEL interprets that as a subtraction and will try to subtract name from owner.


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