How does flowable choose the task-processor based on the task-provider's identities?


Nice to meet everyone and I am new to Flowable. The question is how flowable choose the task-processor based on the task-provider’s identities. I have a task like vacation request workflow. In the situation, the company has two departments, the sales department, and the finance department. The employee Alice is in the sales department and Bob in the finance department.

When Alice wants to submit a vacation request, the request should only go to the sales department. However, the company only wants one system for the two departments. Can the decision task find out where the request come from and let the manager of the correct department to process it?

I thought the vacation request can be tagged with the employee’s ID used to find the department the user belong to. But I do not know how to config the decision task to decide which department should process the request.

Thanks ahead!

Hi Joseph,

I would propose following:

(start)     -> (service task to get ${initiator} manager} -> (Approve - user task assigned to ${manager} -> ....
initiator, from, to,...

The process is only one (one branch) and service task will decide who will be Approver for given request.