Generation of executionId

I have a situation to expose:
I have a commission approval task, I wish I could approve (then complete the task) one commission at a time. The goal is to continue to the next task with an executionId that makes that flow unique, and to go back to the same approval task with a new executionId. I need the executionId to always distinguish with precision in which flow I am, because obviously on the database every flow will have its data.

How can this be done?

I tried to go back simply, but apparently there is not a rule defined for which executionId continues to the completion of the task. Sometimes I find that to continue the flow is the executionId of the “Approve” task, other times the executionId which continues changes, and remains the same in the new execution of “Approve”.

Have you looked at multi-instance ( A sequential multi instance user task based on a collection sounds pretty much what you’re looking for.