Question about multi instance human tasks AND flow control


I have already asked about this in this topic How to control the flow when candidate group is used for human tasks?

But I would like to try to make it clear what I am doing (or trying to do).

I have this workflow where I have some human tasks that have to be executed by more than one person, but I can’t use the Collection element, because there are cases when the workflow is not finished quickly, people can sometimes become unavailable, and other users can be included in the group responsible for this task, and using the collection, the list of users would already be defined, and it wouldn’t be possible to let this new group member execute the task.

Because of this limitation, I decided to use the candidate groups assignment, but then, when the workflow arrives into this task, when the first user executes it, the workflow is finished.

My question is, how can I model such workflow, where I need to have multiple person executing this task, and at the same time, I would need to able to control de flow, deciding when this tasks should be considered as finished, letting it to advance to the next task.
And plus, I need the tasks to be dynamically assigned, because of the situation I mentioned before.

Thank you in advance.

That’s not possible with modeling, but it is through the API: have a look at

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Thank you for the answer.

I think I’m going to create some kind of timer driven logic to update the collections’ elements.