Assign Task to a Group and tasks must done by the all members

I like to assign one task to all group members. All members of the group have to complete the tasks, and I need to check their answers and decide whether to proceed or go back.

For example, let’s consider a group with 10 members.

However, I face a problem when assigning tasks to candidate groups. If one member completes the task, the rest of the members cannot see it anymore, and the process moves forward to the next step.

Additionally, I don’t understand how to use multi-instance tasks. I’ve read the documentation, but it still doesn’t provide me with any insight into this.

Service Task 1: I am assigning task to list of users
User Task:

Service Task 2: I am checking how many users approved/rejected that task.


Use user task and add parallel multiinstance behavior.


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@martin.grofcik Thanks. I found the solution with a parallel sub-process.