Form select component bug?

I have a select component in a Flowable-based form. This component uses REST to get the select choices and is setup to allow multiple selections. I see this behavior:

  • When I first open the form, I can enter a search term, the component does the query as expected, and I can select multiple items. As I enter search terms multiple times, the component filters out items that are already selected. That is, an item that is already selected is not shown as one that can be selected again.
  • If I reload the page, the previously-selected items are re-displayed as expected. If I enter another search term, the component does the query as expected and I can select more items. All good.

The problem is that the component doesn’t filter out items that were selected previously (before I reloaded the page). It does, however, filter out items that I have selected since I refreshed the page. This seems like a bug. I think query results should be filtered regardless of whether they are newly-selected or previously selected.

For example, on first load of the page, I enter “i” as the search term, it shows me several possibilities, and I select “Computer Science”. Now I enter “i” again and “Computer Science” is filtered out of the possibilities that are shown.

I refresh the browser page, and the component still shows “Computer Science”. I enter “i” as a search term and this time “Computer Science” is shown as one of several possibilities. If I select it, I end up with “Computer Science” shown twice in the list of user selections.

I have verified that the selection data as stored in the component is identical whether before or after refreshing the page.