Cannot fill multiple select input with Data Object via REST

I have a multiple select element in a form for which I would like to retrieve the available options from a REST API. I have configured a Data Object Model and have linked it to a data source as a service. I configured a Search Operation, using a POST request to the corresponding endpoint in our API definition. But when I look at the requests being sent out when I extend the multiple select input, the request sent is not the one I have defined. The endpoint is correct, but it sends out a GET request and disregards the Bearer Authentication I have set up. I do have the data object and the operation linked correctly from the data source panel of the multiple select element and have published the app from Flowable Design.

Service configuration:

Hi, First off I recommend you use the forum for posts on the commercial version of Flowable (Flowable Work).

I was going to recommend you use the DataObject select to simplify the configuration, but I see you need a multiselect input.
Since you are seeing a GET request, this suggests a lookup operation rather than a search operation. Make sure you have configured the correct operation in your select.

Hey @gdharley, thank you for your response. I am currently using the evaluation version of Flowable Enterprise and thus the forum did not allow me to create a topic there.

I do have the correct operation set up in the multi select data source, and it IS a search operation. Does not allow me to pick any other operation anyway (i.e. a Lookup operation, as you have suggested).

It’s difficult to remotely diagnose your application, but I would be happy to send you a working sample. You can reach out to me directly at