flowable5CompatibilityEnabled in flowable-rest docker image?

I’m trying to upgrade a 5.x flowable to the containerized 6.x version, but have a bunch of v5 process definitions in my DB… so I’m getting

FlowableException: Found v5 process definitions that are the latest version. Enable the 'flowable5CompatibilityEnabled' property in the process engine configuration and make sure the flowable5-compatibility dependency is available on the classpath

Can I pass the compatibility property into the container via an environment variable, or do I need to rebuild the image with it set in a config somewhere? And is the dependency available on the classpath in the docker image or do I need to do something there as well?


I’m not seeing a property in the flowable-spring-boot-autoconfigure project to set v5 compatibility, so I doubt that there’s a way to easily pass the value in as an argument. I’m also not seeing the flowable5-compatibility dependency in the dependency tree.

That being said, there is not much to the flowable-rest app. It’s a basic spring boot app, plus the flowable-spring-boot-rest starter and some config for security and swagger. The source can be found here:

thanks. Unfortunately, I’m not a java guy so “a basic spring boot app” doesn’t mean much to me :confused:

I was hoping to be able to run with the prebuilt docker image.

I o Recreating the flowable-rest app with the correct configuration and dependencies and placing it in a docker container is probably a 30 minute job for someone with the right experience. If you’re considering picking up Java and implementing it yourself here’s a blog post that would get you going in the right direction:

Baring that, you might consider hiring a freelancer or consultant to help you out.