Flowable REST API's

Hi There ,
just a quick question ,can we use REST endpoints to use BPMN(Without any from) end to end from deployment to completing the tasks? If Yes ,if anyone can help us with required flowable-rest endpoints .


did you have a look here?

for example;


[start instance]

[query instance]

[complete task]

Hope this helps.


Hi yvo ,

Thanks for quick response ,Yes I went trough the docs ,add followed the same steps as mentioned in the docs .The only problem is that in our case we do not have any forms so we want to make this 100% from flowable-rest api’s .Below are the steps which I am following

1.POST : flowable-rest/service/repository/deployments?deploymentKey=HRAPP&deploymentName=HRAPP
2.Look for Process definition
3.Create Process Instance
POST :flowable-rest/service/runtime/process-instances
4.Task using processInstanceId
POST: flowable-rest/service/runtime/tasks
5.Complete the Task
POST : flowable-rest/service/runtime/tasks/{taskId}

all the above api’s giving success response but when I look for /diagram api the blob response show the process is stuck at first place with red color.

Please correct me I am missing any step or need to add to make it workable.

What ‘first place’?
Can you share your process definition? And diagram?


Hey There ,
Thanks for the reply ,The earlier issue is resolved ,but I have encountered a new issue which is making a PATCH call to external api (My application) .I am trying to make http call from service definition for (from UI) ‘DELETE’ type its working but while making ‘PATCH’ call it’s failing with exception stated as Content type ‘text/plain;charset=ISO-8859-1’ not supported ,although I have set these values in Request Header .Any help would be appreciable.Please note from Postman ,this is working.

Can you share your process / code?

Hi yvo,

Thanks for quick response .As per my analysis flowable does not support PATCH calls ,please confirm on this.

The HTTP task supports the PATH request method.
Could you share your code or unit test so I can help you analyse?


Additionally: which version are you using?

Hi Joram ,
it’s flowable-6.6.0