REST API call using Flowable


Have a need where I need to trigger a REST API call from Flowable. Can someone please share the documentation/example for it… To summarize here is what I need to build :-

  1. Create a new process (lets call it P1) to trigger a RESTful API call using Flowable.
  2. This process P1 would be triggered again through a REST call.


You can use a service task and implement the Java logic there to invoke the REST service. If you need to listen for a REST call then a receive task or a intermediate catch event could be used.

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Thanks Tjis for answering the question.


Hi Vinayk,
I have a similar issue. I need to create an application (may be a REST api) such that i can create a task from the code, that task should be reflected in flowable UI .
At this point I am trying to make flowable-rest and flowable-task pointing to same mysql database as they both have different h2 databases as tasks i create in flowable-rest(localhost:8080/flowable-rest/service/runtime/tasks ) is not visible on flowable UI(http://localhost:8080/flowable-task/workflow/#/tasks) .So i am stuck at this. My next step would be to create a REST api to create flowable tasks and get that reflected on UI.
Can I do this by calling flowable-rest in my REST api or any other way?
I need a sample code for the same , as i see you had a similar issue , it would be really helpful if you could guide.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Shweta

The way, I have created my Flowable APIs, am using Flowable Modeler (http://localhost:8080/flowable-modeler/#/processes). When a process is created , I create an App (also part of Modeler) and then publish it . After this when the App is deployed , you can call it using the rest call using the ProcessKey e.g.

URL for it is :


Body to pass in the request :-

{ “processDefinitionKey”: “UseCaseEmail”,

           "returnVariables": true,
           "variables": [{
                          "name": "myVariable",
                          "value": "881"}


Hope this helps .


Hi Vinayak,
I am sorry but I didnt understand what you conveyed as I am totally new to flowable or bpm. It would be great if you could provide more details and with basics. Also it would be good if you provide architectural diagram of flowable’s internal working

Thanks :slight_smile:

Shweta, can you tell me where do you stand with Flowable for now ? Are all the modules (admin/REST/task etc) working on your local mahicne?

Hi Vinayk
As of now , i have deployed flowable jars on my tomcat and they are working , ie I can hit and get response on postman. After this how to proceed ?


Have to deployed Flowable WARs like flowable-idm , flowable-modeler , flowable-admin, flowable-rest, flowable-task ?

Once you have these, you can design your RESTful API using flowable-modeler .

@vinayksharma I am new to flowable i am creating a spring boot project which contains the process defination and all the java files related to that process defination i want to monitor my process using flowable admin. Can you help me how can i use flowable admin with my project. It would be very helpful.

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I am trying to access flowable process though link can we do that?

i created on process and app. i am trying to use the app. how to access it?