Flowable Process Monitoring

Any recommendation how will we monitor the health of flowable as a platform and the health of processes?


You could use one of the REST services for this. The health of the Flowable Engine in general could use:


For the health of the processes it depends on what you are looking for. When the Engine is running then the process definitions and instances will be there as well. You could query on the process instances that are active:


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We do a lot of our process monitoring by providing an implementation of FlowableEventListener that emits metrics to our monitoring system when activity happens within the flowable engine. For example, we emit metrics when activities are completed, canceled and started. We also emit metrics (and alarms) when deadletter jobs are created, which we’ve found to be very useful.

I may have some more ideas, if you can provide more specifics about what “health of processes” means to you.



“health of processes” could also mean whether organization is able to meet its key performance indicators with the current set up.


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From my point of you, Flowable process was deployed in production instance. How efficiently monitor the deployed process in Production. In case of production flowable instance down or failure, we need to know in advance. is there way to monitor deployed process in production?

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