Actuator health

Does the spring boot actuator health respond and report UP before the process engine is initialized? Seeing behavior when our instances sometimes crash in cloudfoundry, and then struggle to start because they don’t respond to the health check in 1 second. Is there a way to check that everything is initialized and ready to receive traffic via the REST API? Is a custom health indicator that checks ProcessEngines.isInitialized() an option?


Which actuator health point are you referring to? Flowable itself doesn’t do anything particular in this area - if you use the Flowable Spring Boot starter, the engine should be initialized before the Spring container is deemed ready.

The standard spring boot actuator health /actuator/health.

Yeah - realize flowable doesn’t add anything there but was curious if I should (and if there was anything I can use to determine it’s initialized). Just trying to understand what might be happening, why an instance restarting after a crash might have its CPU spike and unable to pass health check under 1 second.

At bootup, the db schema is validated. Depending on your hardware/network speed this could be longer.

However, this point applies to any Spring Boot app, not just the ones integrated with Flowable - why is the 1 second important and why can’t it be a larger value?