Flowable Modeler not displaying ID's of newly created elements

Hi all,

It is possible, I have found a bug in the flowable modeler concerning the displaying of ID’s of newly added shapes. Namely, they aren’t displayed in the properties screen.

I have searched throughout the code of the modeler and I have found that the resource ID’s get properly created, however, they do not get displayed. Instead, another property is being displayed: override-id. This override-id property is always initialized as empty, and if it is not updated manually, will always stay that way.

Some processes we have already designed pre-flowable, did automatically put the generated ID as the override-id as well and thus displayed (and still do) the id correctly.

I am prepared to file a pull request to fix this, however, I am unclear on what the intended behaviour is. Having access to the ID using the properties screen is very useful when, e.g., during support cases we want to examine the data in the datasource linked to the id of the resource which is now not visible for non-technical users.

I have checked this bug in previous versions and it seems to already exist since version 6.0.0, which is the oldest version I have checked. So I am not really sure whether this is a bug, or whether this is the intended behaviour.

Any context would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

PS: I just noticed I posted this in the flowable designer which concerns the eclipse pugin, However, I am most definitely talking about the web application (flowable-modeler)