Properties Window Problem

I installed designer on Eclipse Neon 1 (4.6.1). Properties Window doesn’t refresh when I select different bpmn elements.

For information, I don’t have the described problem with the Properties Window not refreshing with Flowable Designer 5.22.0 on Eclipse Neon.1a Release (4.6.1) (Build id: 20161007-1200).



What does the properties window show? The properties panel of the first bpmn element selected and that doesn’t change, or something different?

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sometimes process overview,sometimes first element.
Today I control it in different perspectives.
The problem continues in Java EE perspective but there is no problem in Flowable perspective.

7 Kas 2016 Pzt 10:47 tarihinde tijs şunu yazdı:

Properties Window doesn’t show up at all in eclipse 4.6.2.

Sorry … didn’t know I had to switch to the Flowable perspective to see it…its fine now