Flowable Configuration in Ubuntu


We have configured Flowable in local with Mysql Database and integrated with the application and everything worked fine. When the same configuration is built in Ubuntu for the QA environment, we are not able to login admin application. The credentials in the IDM property file and user table are looking same.
Below logs are printed every 10 seconds.

12:24:24.634 [flowable-acquire-timer-jobs] DEBUG o.f.e.c.i.interceptor.LogInterceptor - — finished --------------------------------------------------------
12:24:24.634 [flowable-acquire-timer-jobs] DEBUG o.f.j.s.i.a.AcquireTimerJobsRunnable - timer job acquisition thread sleeping for 10000 millis

Are we missing any configurations here? Kindly help.

Flowable Version 6.1.2 and Mysql 5.7, Java 8

I think community can have more information to help if you share below information

  1. Can you use latest flowable version
  2. Can you share configuration related to IDM & REST urls