Moving from H2 to MySql => canot login with admin / test

I’m new here and start testing Flowable. After firts instance deployed & run with H2 DB I’ve moved to MySql .
The UI apps start-up and I can see the scema but unfortunetely I cannot conect anymore with admin/test as username&passowrd . Version 6.20
Thank You


Check if admin/test user is present in ACT_ID_USER tables. Then check if admin has priviliges to access modeler, idm, admin &task in ACT_ID_PRIV_MAPPING. You can find the privileges in ACT_ID_PRIV tables. See if admin has maping in PRIV_MAPPING tables. If not, that id why you are not able to access any app.

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Did you created the databases “flowable”, “flowableidm”, “flowableadmin”, “flowablemodeler” in MySQL and the user “flowable” with password “flowable”…
And uncommented the mysql database in all the “” files?